pelik tapi benar

01 Jun

Pelik bin ajaib.
Pelik tapi benar.
Pelik sepelik-peliknya..

People can change so drastically,until at one point I feel like dreaming..
Its like whatever happen at this moment was some part of my imaginable story which the director of the story is me myself..haha :p

But,that’s what we call life rite? If there’s no suprise it wouldn’t be called life..

Life is just so full of emotion,thoughts, and so many things,things that are sometimes imaginable,sometimes not..

Well,enough talking bout how people can change,let’s talk about my journey today.. was so much fun,eventhough we didn’t manage to go cinema and bowling,but at least,we do walk a lot! Hahahaha :p
All those kiddos enjoyed themselves bullying me..hmphh 😦
Kak muyah nak kicen.kak muyah nak ini,kak muyah nak itu -_-”

Ok,if its affordable,then ill agree to buy,but not everything for sure,hehe..

However,4 days continuously going out,make me exhausted..and my stomach is not in a good condition,I keep on feeling nausea..and having stomach ache..oh,its not good! I’m in pain! Ouchh..

And,the best part was,I’m driving the car for 2 days without daddy’s company..and even I do some mistakes here and there,but heyy,I need to learn rite? Hehe.. And,driving a manual car today give me a very big impact! Haha,I love my dear kancil,can’t wait to bring my mr.kancil to kuala lumpur! 😀

Till then,be happy everyone 🙂

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Posted by on June 1, 2011 in blackberry, friends, life, love


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